In October of 2018 were contacted about two adult farm pigs and nine babies that were at risk. The two adult pigs were purchased to be roasted at a pig roast and then one of the adults unexpectedly gave birth to 9 babies. The farmer thankfully had a change of heart, as long as a place was found quickly.

We had a very small window of opportunity to rescue. And we were not necessarily ready to take on an entire family of pigs, but we thought if we could get them to safety, it would at least buy us some time.


Mae and the babies came to Grey's Haven and their friend Harriett went to another vegan farm. When Mae arrived she was significantly underweight and she barely had any milk to feed her babies. We don't know how she was able to keep all of the babies alive in her condition especially when she was only being fed chicken scratch. She had terribly dry skin and was infested with lice. We had the vet out right away to treat her and we immediately changed her diet to include some high carbohydrate, high protein snacks. Within days her milk came in and overtime she gained weight.

Mae is a wonderful mom. She has been there every step of the way with her babies, from singing them to sleep to exploring new territory and even taking them on adventures. She has always been so gentle and careful with them, made sure they were comfortable, and always let them eat first.


Mae was protective of her babies but not with us. She instantly knew that we were there to help and let us be around her family. Mae is quiet and gentle. She has a calm disposition and is loving, caring and so sweet. But like any mom, one stern look from Mae and everyone is immediately on their best behaviour.

Mae loves everything about summer, especially watermelon. She loves when the sun is shining, taking mud baths, and sunbathing.

Mae has formed an amazing bond with Reuben and they are not often far apart. They love spending time together and sometimes they even sneak away to take a nap without the kids.