Becoming Grey’s Haven

I have always loved animals but at some point over the last decade, my love of animals turned into a passion and I knew that I wanted to do more for those that did not have a voice.

I began rescuing cats about 9 years ago. We took in many pregnant barn cats and gave them a safe place to have their kittens and then ensured that they were adopted to forever homes once they were ready. In July of 2015, we began fostering for an amazing cat rescue based out of Toronto. During the time we fostered for them, we helped save and rehome nearly 40 cats and kittens.

In the spring of 2013, I brought home our first farm animal family members, 4 muscovy ducks. In the summer of 2015, I brought home our first goat, Jacob and a few short months later, his brother, Jasper, joined our family. Although we were not a sanctuary at the time, we have always been a forever home for everyone who has lived here.

When I brought home my first goats, operating a farm sanctuary was not something I was thinking about. To be honest, it hadn't even crossed my mind. Then one day, I was sitting outside with Jacob, Jasper and my ducks and chickens and I realized that being with them had become my safe place. I looked forward to finishing work for the day so I could go out and spend time with them. It was on one of those afternoons that I realized I wanted to offer them and others exactly what they gave to me - sanctuary.

The road to operating a sanctuary was a slow one. After deciding that we would like to offer a home to more animals in need, it was still a couple of years and a few more rescues before this whole new adventure began taking shape. We officially became a sanctuary in March of 2018, and shortly after registered as a non-profit corporation.

We now provide sanctuary to nearly 70 residents that we call family. We are a vegan sanctuary and it is our belief that through promoting compassion for all living beings, we can encourage others to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Many of our residents have been previously neglected, abused, or have been taken in from the meat and dairy industries. Our focus remains with farm animals that do not have anyone to advocate for them and our primary goal is to provide a safe and permanent home where our residents are protected and allowed to live freely for their natural lives. We also provide humans the opportunity to experience the unique sentience and intelligence found within these amazing creatures.

Farm sanctuary life is not easy, in fact most days can be quite difficult, however, I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing beings, many of whom I am lucky to be considered their mom. To many of my friends and family, it is no surprise that I have ended up here. I am forever grateful to have the support of my husband who is unconditionally supportive of this whole adventure. This is likely not where he would be if it was not for my passion and I am fortunate that he stands by my side and has taken on the dad role to all of my kids.

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Welcome to our family, we are so happy you found us

Michelle Caza

Our Name

Grey was our first and only goose for nearly 4 years (it is not often that we are contacted about geese).

She came to us in May of 2015 because she hatched with what is called splay legs (it was like she was doing the splits and could not walk). We made a brace that supported her legs and allowed her to stand until her legs were strong enough that she could walk on her own. Thankfully, we were able to correct the issue which allowed her to walk normally.

As Grey grew up, she took on the role of protector. You can often find her watching over the entire property and everyone living here.

If anything is out of place, she calls out to let us know there is a problem. Grey has very distinctive calls depending on the situation.

One day a couple of years ago, Grey started yelling to let me know that there was trouble. I immediately went to where she was to see that a hawk was trying to hurt Penelope duck. Thankfully everything worked out and Penelope is still with us today.

Grey is the matriarch of the sanctuary and has such a strong, beautiful presence, I knew immediately that the sanctuary should be named in her honour.