Jasper came to live with us before we were a sanctuary. He was our second goat resident and is Jacob's brother. He came from a local small hobby farm. He was fortunate that he was able to stay with his mom until he was 8 weeks old. However, he would have eventually been sold as a pet if he was lucky or sold for meat like many of the males in the goat industry.

Jasper and his brother, Jacob are very close and you can often find them hanging out together and getting into trouble together.


Jasper has been the leader of our goat herd for quite some time. Now, he has taken a bit of a step back and lets Chance rule the yard.

Jasper has been living his best life at Grey's Haven since October 11, 2015.

Jasper is a gentle soul who loves having his head rubbed. He is always polite and always a gentleman. But don't be surprised if he still digs his heels in when he really wants to do sometime! He can be a little stubborn when he wants to be!