Jacob was my first goat. He came to live with us before we were a sanctuary and opened my eye to the goat industry. I had no idea that people ate goats until I met Jacob! He was about 8 weeks old and I fell in love with him. When I was trying to talk myself out of bringing him home, I said "he's so sweet, he will find a wonderful family". The response from the farmer was "Well, he will go to a home as a pet or to someone's table". That shattered my heart and I knew that I could not leave him behind. I immediately began making arrangements to bring Jacob home.


Jacob was fortunate and was able to remain with his mother for the first few months of his life. This means that he is very respectful and has manners!

Jacob has been living his best life at Grey's Haven since August 15, 2015. He lives with his brother who he is extremely close with and the rest of our goat herd.

Jacob is just the sweetest boy. He has always loved to snuggle and still thinks that he is a lap goat. He will climb up on your lap any chance he gets.